“Citizen Four” A Satirical Review

We’re all in the family now.


“Citizen Four”

A Film by Laura Poitras

A Satirical Review

Citizen Four is a fun-filled film for the full family, if a little light on stunts.  It promotes traditional American values with a good dose of celebrating the government’s secular religion and its gods.  And like any good story, it has a moral, in this case, about the value of sharing.

As freedom-loving Americans, we “like” freedom of speech, but we all know we should only do so publicly.  We should always share.  After all, what’s not to love about Uncle Sam, Aunt Betsy, and Brother Barry listening in to your conversations or reading your communications?  We’re all family, anyway, and want to share our innermost feelings, fears, failures, conspiracies, high crimes and misdemeanors, curriculum vitae, and intellectual property not just with Facebook, but with the NSA, as well.  Why would some dude named Edward Snowden have any beef about that? Most of us learned the value of sharing in grade school, but no, not Ed.  No, even as a high school graduate, he didn’t learn.

Cousin Ed scared the living bejesus out of the gods of government.  And so he should have.  This slight framed, be-speckled high school graduate was a nemesis like no other.  He didn’t use hate-speech, thank god, but unfortunately, he did use fighting words.  Not just any fighting words.  The gods’ own words.  And what could be scarier than to have your own words thrown back at you?  Mighty powerful stuff from a really scary dude.  Fortunately, his weapon of choice was not a bomb, hand grenade, or even a gun, just a bombshell, hand-held mic, and a few thumb drives.  (Otherwise, it would be unsuitably violent viewing for the most vulnerable in our venerable family.)

What a party pooper that Cousin Ed turned out to be!  You’re just innocently having a family conversation, when lo and behold, Ed starts belly aching about sharing stuff. Whining to journalists. Making a federal case over it. Needless to say, hilarity ensues in this film as everybody’s nose gets out of joint over Ed’s hijinks and the government’s whole silly charade.  Fun stuff.

This is a film well worth the price of a ticket at the box office with hundreds of your closest family members in the theater (share a large popcorn), but best of all, it’s also a film everyone can enjoy alone at home and just BitTorrent — oops, I mean, share.

Author: Annie Moss

Political junkie and writer.

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